Stephen Greenberg is one of the most well respected executives in the Canadian entertainment industry. Stephen has spent his career working with every major studio, production company and broadcaster in Canada, the United States and Europe earning him an undisputed reputation and accolades from colleagues around the globe. Prior to forming Facet4 Media, Stephen was owner and partner at Incendo, where under his leadership the company became one of the most important television production and distribution companies in the Country.

With Stephen at the helm of Incendo’s joint venture with Twentieth Century Fox International Television, Fox/Incendo became the largest television distribution company in Canada. Stephen has also served as Executive Producer of 52 made for television movies, high profile television series and documentaries, produced by Incendo, which have been broadcast and sold around the world.

Stephen Greenberg was responsible for establishing long term strategic partnerships with every major U.S. Studio over the years. They include: Disney, DreamWorks SKG, Warner Bros., Columbia, Paramount, MGM and Twentieth Century Fox. Additionally, he was responsible for the financing of over $500 million of production during his reign at Astral as Senior Vice President of the Astral Entertainment Group. Following the sale of Astral’s distribution and program development divisions in 1996, Stephen Greenberg became President of Coscient Astral Distribution which subsequently became Motion International, which later became TVA International.

Stephen is committed to establishing Facet4 as a highly innovative, creative and enterprising film and television distribution and production company.